Double the confectionery business by 2020
by putting more smiles on travellers faces

Did you know that confectionery is the most effective footfall driver,
with the highest cross penetration? All travellers love confectionery!
So plenty of good reasons to be smiling... The future of travel retail
looks bright!cantly.

FootFall Driver
A smiling traveller equals a spending traveller.

When travellers are at ease, they are much easier to please. And
much more likely to take their time to check out your merchandise
and consider a purchase. So making travellers smile should be our
first priority. Because a smiling traveller equals a spending traveller!

Through research, We were able to define the drivers
for growth based on shopper and consumer needs:
Understanding what travellers need = sharing smiles
All travellers love confectionery, because it fulfills various important needs:
Did you know that 45% of shoppers buy their confectionery for their own use, 35% buy it for sharing purpose and that 20% of all items are bought to give away to someone else? Travellers lock for items to extend the sensation of their trip, either to consume while travelling or to take back home as a treat or souvenir. A broad study which was conducted amongst 5,000 travellers last year showed us these strong new insights, which helped Mars to build a new category vision and strategy.

The M&M's® airport stores are the perfect proof to show the world that we understand today's shopper needs like no other... Our category is one that puts a smile on people's faces! And in the end isn't that what we all want: happy customers? Remember, a smiling traveller is a spending traveller!