Selling more confectionery is as simple as ABC!

Mars believes that selling more confectionery is as simple as ABC, if only airports, retailers and manufacturers join forces. If we use the facts that are out there and seize this opportunity… together we can make our businesses grow significantly.

First let’s take a look at the facts:

  • Today, only 20 out of every 100 travelers become buyers.
  • Of these 20 buyers, only five buy confectionery today.
  • However, if all 20 buyers had seen confectionery, 14 people would have bought some!

To put it more simple: People who see confectionery, buy some. Imagine if we were able to unleash this potential…

One more fact:

Confectionery is the least planned, but most bought category. 70% of those who see confectionery buy some. Everybody loves confectionery. So what we have to do is to confront them! Our objective to make people see and buy more confectionery is simple and objective. It consists of ABC:

seize this opportunity together!
Let’s seize this opportunity together!

Following multiple test audits we have not found one store yet without a significant opportunity to jointly grow the business. If you wish to learn the opportunity in your store, please contact your account manager. We can help you with merchandising training, attractive store furniture, great promotional opportunities, and much more. To put it more simple: People who see confectionery, buy some. Imagine if we were able to unleash this potential…


The insights

  • The majority of travelers takes 1 or 2 flights per year. For these people the airport journey is a highly stressful experience. Also on the ferry boat, the travel frequency is limited.
  • 45% of passengers today does not enter a shop. A seductive, positive interruption is needed to get travelers into shopping mode.
  • Of the travelers that do enter a shop, 70% claims to shop for enter tainment purposes. In store they want experiences, and want to be surprised (especially in a digital age).
The strategy

Grow traffic by seducing shoppers to enter the store.

Focus on creating theatre and placing strong promotions in the front of the store. The high impulse strength of eye catching displays and good promotions at the entrance will seduce travelers to become shoppers.


The insights

  • Once travelers enter a shop, time and availability are key. Shoppers browse the shop at speed and like to find their products of choice quickly and efficiently.
  • Confectionery is the least planned but the most bought category. People who see it, buy it! So for confectionery, optimal confrontation is the key success factor.
  • 70% of consumers buys based upon brand strength.
The strategy

Grow basket size by focusing on store lay-out, space management and range management:

In the store lay-out make sure that confectionery, as a transaction builder, is at the highest traffic flow.
Space management is all about segmentation to meet buyers needs:

  • Put the highest impulse segment, which is snacking, in the highest traffic lane using 2nd sitings for strong promotions and hero brands.
  • Implement emotional signposting with leading brands.


The insights

  • For shoppers, checkout-sales not only reduce strain from queuing but also could provide a positive store impression.
  • For retail, it is the last opportunity to increase basket size. As a high impulse product with a broad appeal, confectionery is the perfect tool.
The strategy

Confectionery should be the focus at the cash till.

Today only 50% of outlets have such a cash till solution while
half of these outlets are not exploiting this solution to its full potential.
If executed well, checkout-sales can go up to 10 to 15% of total store confectionery sales!

MITR is well equipped and more than ready to act as a total category partner. Together we can grow the business significantly!

We haven’t found a store without opportunities yet.